Ultimate Bachelor party – A Summary

A Las Vegas trip that won’t get you into trouble….doesn’t sound like to much fun you say. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of fun and memorable things to do for a “tame” bachelor party in Las Vegas, many of which you have probably never even heard of. Here are some great ideas for a Las Vegas bachelor party where no one gets thrown in jail, loses teeth, or winds up with stripper hickies that have to be explained to the bride. You may click for more info

Okay, so here’s the challenge: the groom wants to go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. The bride has agreed but has asked that no strip clubs be part of the event. Out of respect the groom will honor her wishes. No he’s not whipped! It’s actually a great way to start their relationship going to the next level with trust and respect as an important cornerstone. Good for him.
Here in no particular order are some great ideas that will make a very memorable Las Vegas Bachelor Party.
Where The Streets Light Up at Night
The Fremont Street Experience is not to be missed when coming to Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience is actually a multiple block area that has been reconstructed into a dazzling, glittering, stunning visual light show. It is a section of Fremont street, five football fields long that has an arched canopy light show over head. But the Fremont Street Experience is much more than the high tech video show ceiling. It is a Mardi Gras like atmosphere with live entertainment, music, casinos, very unique vendors you won’t see anywhere else and much more. There’s even a casino night club there where you can go out on to a roof top balcony and they give you beads to throw out to the party people on the street below.
Zip Lining Through the Desert Sky
When you get tired of the glitz of the Las Vegas strip you can take a short 25 minute shuttle ride out of town into the desert for an exhilarating experience you won’t ever forget. Bootleg Canyon Flightlines is a one of a kind extreme adventure not for the fain of heart. If you are afraid of heights this is a great way to over come that phobia. Las Vegas is known for having a number of unique thrill ride attractions, but this one is really different. This is a ride where you are taken up a canyon hill by vehicle but you go down in a paragliding like harness that is suspended from cable wires. Your legs will be dangling free to add to the thrill. From the top to the bottom you will feel as if you are flying over the desert eco system. You actually experience the freedom of silent flight at heights as much as 200 feet above the ground.
For the Speed Demon Race Car Enthusiast
If you are more of a grounded thrill seeker you may want to take the bachelor party to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you can actually drive in a 600 hp race car for laps around the raceway track. You don’t have to have any race car driving experience and you will reach speeds of up to 145 mph.
For a little less expensive, tamer thrill of the same sort you can go to an indoor place for racing smaller cars, called Pole Position Raceway. It will still get the adrenaline pumping. This is a 60,000 sq ft facility that features a challenging quarter-mile European-style track. Because it was designed by professional race car drivers, it is said is be very much like the real thing.
Sky Diving at 20 Feet
Yes in Las Vegas it’s possible to experience the thrill of skydiving without the worry of your parachute not opening and having to actually jump out of a plane. Here’s a place where you can float in the air at heights from six to 20 feet, with the wind rushing past you and feel just as if you were in free fall.
At Vegas Indoor Skydiving you participate in an experience similar to skydiving in a wind tunnel area that comes complete with a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. After a short training class you put on a jumpsuit and helmet and then enter this wind tunnel-type room. There is an instructor in there with you to help. Below, a huge jet propeller spins creating enough wind that you are suspended in a free fall like state. If you are up to it the instructor will help you spin around and maybe even show you how to do a few tricks while floating in the air.
Dueling Pianos and Sing Along as Loud As You Can
At the New York New York Hotel there is a dueling piano bar called The Times Square Piano Bar that packs ’em in each night. But this isn’t your mother’s piano bar. At this place two pianos face each other and the musicians play and sing and invite the audience to sing along. As the night goes on, it gets louder and the atmosphere and songs goes from G to PG and beyond. If you want a table better get their early because this place fills up quick.
A little tamer piano bar, of a similar orientation, is located in the Harrah’s Hotel. It can be a lot of fun with the same sort of dueling piano sing along type of set up but it doesn’t’ seem to get as packed as the other piano bar. Of course, there is a lot more to do in Las Vegas. Just take off walking down the strip any time of the day or night and that can fill your senses and keep you busy for hours. What ever you do just make sure to get the groom back home in one piece, safe and sound.