The Role Of A Business Attorney And How To Find One

Despite the fact that many companies hire lawyers to assist them with the incorporation process, many new businesses overlook the ongoing legal requirements to maintain their company status. Annual shareholder, director, and associate meetings must be held, with minutes recorded and officers appointed in compliance with state regulations. If certain corporate formalities are overlooked, the company’s corporate status may be jeopardised, and the corporate curtain may be lifted in the event of a lawsuit, exposing otherwise untouchable company officers to debts or damages. As a result, a company attorney is essential to corporate governance. CheckĀ business attorneys serving Raleigh.

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

Intangible assets should be legally protected by any corporation. Copyright security is needed for a company’s name, brand name, logo, and unique goods and services, among other things. Patents can protect not only devices and other man-made products, but also techniques and methods, such as the refining of petroleum or the distillation of water. A business attorney may assist with copyrights, trademarks, and patent registrations, as well as assisting the company in protecting the properties that give it a competitive advantage in the industry.

Job Contracts

Many businesses, especially those in the technology industry, regard their employees’ technological knowledge as a valuable asset. They do not, however, use non-compete and non-disclosure clauses to shield their staff. As you would imagine, a number of workers would leave to seek greener pastures, and it is important to defend the business from such employees bringing their technical skills to other market competitors. A business lawyer will assist you in drafting and monitoring the signing of your company’s employment agreements.

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