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All restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other places that serve alcohol and food must close their indoor facilities for sanitation by 10 am every morning and can not open until after 5 am the next day. All indoor dining, takeout, delivery, and other food-related services can continue past 10 am. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other establishments need to stop serving alcohol and food or beverage service between 10 am and 5 am, except for emergencies. Casinos also need to stop serving alcohol, food, or beverage service at any time if they are open.Feel free to find more information at Ocala Fl Restaurants.

Restaurant owners also need to ensure that they have implemented and strictly follow all necessary safety protocols for their dining rooms and bars. This includes maintaining the proper lighting, creating a notice system that customers may signal from their tables, maintaining a safe and sanitary environment, maintaining a clean and safe floor, consistently inviting customers and giving them the right equipment for a good dining experience, not allowing children to be alone near the dining area, not allowing customers to stand at the bar or counter when they are ordering, not allowing customers to drink while they are dining, not allowing customers to sit at the bar counter, closing the kitchen and dining room promptly after dining, never allowing customers to drink more than one glass of wine at once, never allowing a patron to exceed the maximum number of glasses of alcohol that they can consume in one sitting, as well as many other necessary safety protocols. Restaurants and bars should also be clear about their smoking policies and should post these policies prominently in their windows and in other areas. Smoking should also be banned from outdoor dining areas and from the main entrance of the establishment.

Finally, beverage establishments must ensure that they provide adequate ventilation and air conditioning. Ventilation is essential to avoid anyone from getting heat or cold symptoms, as well as to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience eating or drinking. The best air conditioning solutions can come in the form of restaurant air purifiers or central air conditioning. Many restaurants employ an employee that is trained to install these devices and they can make a significant difference when it comes to restaurant seating by improving table service and customer satisfaction.

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