Mobile Command Center – Info

I should know because I’ve been travelling through North America in a Mobile Command Center for over six years. Someone recently inquired about finding a used mobile command centre, perhaps from a police department, a former FEMA team, or even military surplus.

I do sometimes see used units, trade-ins, and commercials for older command centres. The Truck Cowboy, based in Dallas, is a specialist in this area. My unit is a Kibbi, which can be found at, and I believe they might have some leads on used trade-ins, despite the fact that they mostly cater to the race car crowd. My trailer is a “Trailer Tech Device,” but Featherlight, Kibbi, and other manufacturers also make excellent trailers. For those parts, I would also suggest the satellite internet experts.If you would like to learn about this,click for more info.

Some people like the Motor Coach Diesel Pusher model, and many people like it. One of my first units was a bus, a Prevost, with pop-up sides, but I prefer my current one. These units may also be used as on-site test laboratories. I sometimes come across them in commercials.

People advertise such items for sale in a Facebook community called “Bus Conversion Magazine.” I sometimes see them in the DuPont Registry, but the prices are absurd and out of my price range. If you’re just searching for a shell, why not post a classified ad on the Sheriff’s Association’s website?

When driving on gravel roads or when they throw sand on top during inclement weather, I’ve seen problems with the pushers due to air intakes and issues with sucking debris into the radiator. Still, before buying mine and retrofitting it myself, I looked at a lot of them. I went through all of the police and FEMA units I could find. I believe the inspiration for the original design came from a GI Joe Mobile Command Center that my parents gave me for Christmas one year.