Know more about Domestic Violence

There are many groups and organizations working diligently to raise Domestic Violence awareness in our communities. It is alarming and sobering that most Domestic Violence cases go unreported as victims are afraid to seek assistance or are not aware of the help/services available. Education is power and for the abused, ignorance is not bliss but a path to becoming a statistic. When we consider numbers like ten million children witnessing abuse in some form annually or one in five teenage girls staying in a relationship because a boyfriend threatened self harm or violence, we recognize the importance of raising awareness with the youth of our nation. Domestic Violence affects every age group, sex, class and race. read their reviews

What makes Domestic Violence Awareness a critical matter is the general lack of knowledge as to the characteristics of abuse. We need to first identify the definition of abuse. Many believe abuse to be simply of a physical nature; where the abused is slapped, beaten or punched and there are physical scars and bruises. Oftentimes, the emotionally abused remain in denial, suffer in silence, because they are convinced that they are not truly victims of abuse or domestic violence. When we become educated as to the many faces of abuse, we can better identify if abuse is taking place in our homes and if our friends, family members and/or loved ones are victims of abuse.

Remember that the cycle of domestic violence can stop with you. It is more than the physical bruises. Children who live in an environment where domestic abuse is accepted as a normal way of life, usually grow up to be future abusers or the next generation of abused. Help is available.