Eyebrow Embroidery Technique to Enhance Your Look

In Singapore, eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent procedure that can last up to two years. This technique fills in purge spots on your temples by adding hued colour to the eyes, giving them a complete and flawless appearance. This technique, when combined with a feathering method, will create a natural look by using shades that are perfectly matched to your natural brow colour. read the page Following the outline of where the desired brow should be, the whole region is filled in with hair-like shades. Eyebrow embroidery is also great for thickening existing brows or concealing them and making them more visible.

What is the procedure for brow embroidery?

At first, a technician can clean up your temples line by removing stray hairs. An anaesthetic cream will be added at that stage to reduce the pain sensation. After the desired brows have been achieved, the technician will use a small blade to remove small bits of the upper layer of the skin and add the new colouring in its place. There will be some redness and swelling, but it should go away within a few hours to a few days. In the first two weeks, the shading would become blurry by around 50 to 70%, necessitating a second session. In order to ensure the new eyebrows, refrain from scouring the brow area or picking off any scabs that may develop. Since this procedure is semi-permanent, you will need touch-ups from time to time for as long as you have them.

Is it secure?

Eyebrow Embroidery, like any other cosmetic technique, is relatively new as long as you are careful about where you go. A standard session can be reasonably priced. If you see a salon offering it for a slightly lower price, make sure to inquire about the type of product being used. Make sure your technician is trained and licenced by a trustworthy firm to ensure you get the best care and limit the risk of contamination.

Is it right for you?

This treatment is suitable for anyone, but it is particularly helpful for those who have thin brows, have over-plucked their brows, or have bald patches in their brows. Finally, brow hair stops growing, so if you plucked away at your shape in a frantic attempt to achieve the once-stylish super thin brows, eyebrow embroidery might be the solution for you.