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When it comes to auto repair promotions; did you know that you can link your auto repair shop to a charity to market your business? There are many savvy small businesses doing the very same thing so why should it be any different to an auto repair shop? The truth, however, is that there are many different auto repair promotions you can use, but since linking your business to a charity is so effective, why not give it a try? Get more InTown Auto Care

Auto repair promotions requires time, resources and linking your auto repair company to a charity could save on the latter while making a difference to your charity of choice. Before getting into the benefits of linking to a charity, it is important to remember that the primary goal should be the charity and your promotion secondary. Surely the two can co-exist, but taking advantage of this opportunity is an easy slip.

Having said that, charities are not oblivious to the marketing motive behind linking with them and so they have significant experience in helping your business receive its returns on the charitable investment. The selection of a suitable charity is of high order since linking with a charity that you can truly affiliate to alleviates the strain of the work involved. Working with charities can be very time consuming so enjoying working with your chosen charity makes for a promising relationship and better returns. Great exposure and networking opportunities with influential people is also a great perk of this venture.

There are a number of ways in which your auto repair promotions can be heightened. The key here is to attract attention to potential customers. Use the local media to gain more exposure. Press releases with photos of events your shop has sponsored and being involved in high profile events that would attract the media are great promotional boosters. Also, in the case of a sponsored event, make sure your target market is likely to participate. A mini-race car event with the logo of your auto repair shop on one door and the charity on the other help to put you on the stage.

Get involved in your charity. The more your business shows face, the more exposure it receives. Making an appearance at Charity events that may not be sponsored by your business is a good way of networking with like-minded people and extending you database. Maintaining contact with influential parties is even more likely to put you on the map to a wider base of clientele. All these people surely drive something, what better way to extend your services than to your newly found people of influence? Involve yourself in other engagements that may be of mutual interest. Another productive way of including your charity is involving the staff, encourage active involvement in the organizing or assistance of events, include a symbol of your charity in the uniforms and even have posters and signs promoting your charity in your place of business. Including the charity in company slogans is a clever way of both affiliating with and promoting the charity and in turn, promoting you auto repair shop.

Get your charity involved with you by making it part of your business. Exposing your charity exposes you as well, so advertise them wherever you can. Get charity member to sell your coupons in the neighbourhood and let them keep the returns. That both lifts auto repair promotions and gets them much needed funding. Designate charitable products, i.e. donating service time to the charity. So that would include something like a percentage to your charity for every third oil change of the day. Charity members can inversely be your promoters when you have an event of your own such as a grand opening, sale or local celebrity endorsement campaign. The charity could be the ticket sellers and keep a percentage or all of the proceeds while you benefit form the increased exposure and potential clientele.

Sponsoring a mass vehicle with the brand as a paint job will get your auto repair shop a wider promotional reach. It is your name on wheels driving a charity. This has multifold advantage because the charity gets transport and you get endless exposure. It would be a huge consideration as a promotional caution to make sure that the vehicle never breaks down on a high way…

Charity linking can be a highly fruitful venture in auto repair promotions. The idea is to be true to the cause while benefiting your business rather than using the charity solely as a promotional tool, good relations with your charity is tantamount to that of your customers. Ultimately, the public likes associating with charities and those that assist them…it’s even better when it’s you.