Law Firm – A Closer Look

A law firm, also called a legal corporation, is an organization formed by one or many lawyers to engage in the profession of law. The main function of a law firm, like other corporate types of organizations, is to provide legal advice to its clients, i.e. about their legal obligations and rights, and about their particular circumstances. Click here for info Law Firm

Like other types of legal services firms, a law firm may specialize in different areas of the practice of law, including corporate, probate, Real estate and personal injury practice areas. Many large firms, in fact, do not practice any area of the law at all. While some of these larger firms tend to be involved in only a few specialties, there are many small firms that tend to have specialties in a wide range of areas. These specialized firms tend to serve a specific clientele niche within the legal services field. These specialized law firms tend to be larger and operate independently from other similar firms.

Some attorneys form a partnership with other attorneys to offer specialized legal services to a larger clientele. The partners share in the expenses incurred by the firm, and the partners typically receive part of the fees paid by those clients who employ their partners as attorneys. Other partners of such law firms may include other attorneys or law school professors who contribute to the firm’s work. This type of law firm has a greater concentration of attorneys practicing in a specific area of the law, but offers an extremely broad range of attorneys to serve the needs of their clients.