Norfolk Certified Public Accountant Organization – Guidelines

Certified Public Accountant is the legal name of highly qualified financial accountants in a number of countries in the English speaking world. Generally, it is equivalent to the name of chartered financial accountant in most other English speaking countries. In the United States however, the CPA is actually a license for providing professional accounting services to the general public. The CPA exam was developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), an international organization of Chartered Accountants, Appraisers and Financial Analysts. This exam aims to test the knowledge and skill of a CPA in all the key areas of CPA’s practice including taxation, corporate finance, self-certification, estate planning and retirement, international business, banking, insurance, mergers and acquisitions and structuring. Look at this  Norfolk Certified Public Accountant Organization

Upon successful completion of the CPA exam, an individual will be issued a CPA International credential which will serve as proof that the individual has passed the test. It will not, however, prevent a person from engaging in the practice of accounting. In order to retain the CPA International credential, an individual must continually complete the 150-semester degree program offered by an accredited university or college.

Obtaining the designation of CPA is not easy. Most accountants who have been given this designation begin their careers with the firm specializing in tax law and begin working there as a paralegal or a payroll clerk. Over time, as the accountants become proficient at their jobs, they can later apply to take the CPA exam for the CPA designation. Although it can take several years to receive this designation, most CPA’s become very successful in their chosen fields and are able to enjoy extremely high incomes.