A Brief History of the Leather Jacket

Leather clothing has been worn for a very long time. Leather coats, on the other hand, have only grown over time.

The use of the material in clothing and footwear dates back to the palaeolithic period. Cave paintings depicting people dressed in primitive leather clothing provide evidence. You may click for more info

Animal hide was reportedly worn by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Some artefacts were discovered to have been treated with smoke and other plant-based solutions in order to make them more durable and waterproof.

Special tanneries were established all over the world as the use became more common in the Middle Ages. These were used to label streets in the United Kingdom that still exist today, such as Tanner Street and Leather Lane.

Since then, leather has remained a common fabric for creating outfits.

Various Applications

Leather jackets became popular among an increasing number of aviators in the early twentieth century, who praised the material for its durability and comfort. The nickname “bomber jackets” was given to them at that time. It was normal for pilots to wear one as part of their uniform to protect them from the elements, which are particularly harsh at high altitudes. For added warmth, many had sheepskin lining and collars. The majority of them were brown.

The jacket was associated with Russian Bolsheviks during World War II, who were often seen wearing it, whereas the Gestapo was associated with longer leather coats.

The American Police Force was also outfitted with leather clothing before the widespread adoption and availability of synthetic materials. They praised the material for its durability and comfort, just as the pilots had done before them. Given how active police officers must be, this is a high-ranking compliment.

Men’s leather jackets became a sign of resistance in the 1950s. They were a symbol of liberation and cool. Since so many bikers wear them, the jacket became associated with gangs. This was fueled even further by Marlon Brando’s character in the cult film “The Wild One” at the time.


Leather jackets are worn by both men and women nowadays. You no longer need to check out specialty stores because the high street has caught on to the trend. Different styles come in a variety of colours, but brown and black are still the most common. Shapes have changed over time and can now range from form-fitting to baggy.