What You Should Know Before You Get a Brazilian Wax

If you think for your appearance as a woman or a male, you can’t settle for anything less than the best. And if you’ve ever had a “bad wax,” you know how frustrating a botched waxing job can be.You may want to check out THE FACIAL YOU NEED RIGHT NOW – HYDRAFACIAL for more.

Before you go out and get waxed by just any Joe (or Josephina), there are a few things you should think before letting a stranger slather on the gooey goodness.

What is the concept of a Brazilian Wax?

All hair in the pelvic region, front and back, is removed during a Brazilian wax. A bikini wax, on the other hand, just extracts hair that stretches beyond the limits of a traditional bikini bathing suit.

Since a traditional Brazilian can be a little frightening, it’s important to consider the various types of wax used in this procedure.


If you’ve ever purchased a “waxing kit” at the drugstore that promised fantastic results but didn’t deliver, you understand the importance of working with a specialist.

A hard wax and a strip wax are the two types of wax used in med spas and skin care clinics.

Strip waxing is used to extract hair from large areas of the body, such as the legs and arms. Strip wax is very sticky, allowing the wax technician to apply the wax and then adhere a strip of cloth to it. If you’ve seen “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” you’ll recall Steve Carrell having his chest waxed and begging for his mother. This is the immense intensity of “strip wax.”