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Preventative dentistry has taken the American dental scene by storm. The need to prevent cavities and gum disease is becoming ever more urgent, as more of us are subjected to the environment we live in, which can damage our teeth and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. A large proportion of the population will contract cavities and gum disease at some stage in their lives. It is important to have a good overall dental hygiene program in place as early as possible, to minimize the risks of developing cavities and gum disease, and also to save yourself some money in the bargain! Get more info about Do Good Dental.

The main aim of preventive dentistry is to prevent cavities from forming in the first place. Cavities are formed when tooth enamel becomes worn away due to improper diet or other factors, and bacteria begin to attack the tooth and causes it to erode away. This causes the tooth to become sensitive and eventually crack or break, which allows tooth decay to begin. By treating cavities before they develop and by maintaining a good oral hygiene program, you can help to prevent cavities and gum disease from forming.

There are a number of ways you can prevent cavities and gum disease, such as ensuring that you get plenty of vitamin C in your diet every day, or taking supplements that contain this vitamin. You should also ensure that you are getting sufficient fluoride in your water. Both calcium and vitamin C will help to prevent cavities and they can be found in many foods, including most fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C can be obtained from citrus fruits and vegetables as well as from tinned fish and certain meats. However, dairy products are a better source of these vitamins, as well as meats and whole grains.

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