Tommy Adams Attorney Guidelines

“orneys Tommy Adams and William L. Knight are leaders in their field. Both are dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients and representing their legal rights. Tommy Adams has devoted his career to practicing law and being the best defense attorney in any given case. He is highly skilled in this area and is constantly seeking to improve his knowledge base in this area of law.” –The New York Times. You may find more details about this at Tommy Adams, Attorney

“Mr. Tommy Adams is one of the best attorneys I have ever had. He is very devoted to his profession as well as his customer. He is extremely thorough and always optimistic that the best defense will be achieved. His pleasant manner, sharp intellect and thorough research to enable him to present an impressive case to the court on your behalf.” –The New York Times

“Mr. Tommy Adams is one of the finest attorneys I have had in my 20 years of legal practice. He was my attorney in the famous OJ Simpson case. He is extremely thorough in his preparation of each case and thoroughly believes in the superiority of a client’s right to a fair trial. If you need a lawyer, you should hire Tommy Adams. He is the best.” –former federal district attorney, Louis Caputo