The Importance of Using Medical Expert Opinion in a DUI Case

When anyone is arrested for a DUI, there are a number of factors that must be investigated in order to build a strong defence. The use of a medical professional can be one of the best ways to construct a defence depending on the facts of the case, the individual’s criminal background, their budget, and their feelings on the form of defence to offer. Do you want to learn more? read here

Obviously, a medical expert’s testimony is not needed in any DUI case. When the circumstances and evidence of the case demand it, however, the use of a medical expert may be very convincing, not just to the jury, but also to the prosecutor and the judge.

So, when can a medical professional’s expert testimony be used in a DUI case? Expert testimony is useful in three situations. To refute facts presented by the prosecution. To allow the defence to present evidence. Finally, I will refute the prosecution’s expert witness.

When there is a need to question proof in a DUI case. One of the most convincing ways to do this is to use expert testimony. If you wish to question the validity, reliability, or accuracy of field sobriety tests or breath tests, you can do so. Having an expert do so is extremely helpful to a DUI defence.

A defendant in a criminal case is not required to provide evidence in their defence. There may be times, however, where the prosecution wishes to provide their own facts. Perhaps the defendant suffers from a medical condition that explains the outcome of the field tests or the breath test. In the eyes of the jury, including expert evidence rather than simply letting the defendant testify is much more convincing.

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