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Pipe Smoking
It is always a good idea to break in a new pipe. This method entails just half-filling the bowl and gently drawing to enable the charring process to take place gradually while also allowing the pipe to harden. You may find more details about this at Vapor Chasers.
A pipe must be properly filled in order to enjoy a satisfying smoke.

Putting Water in the Pipe
Keep the pipe upright and drip tobacco into it until the pipe is completely finished. Gently tamp it down, then repeat two or three times more until the bowl is completely finished. To make sure there are no blockages, draw on the pipe before lighting it. Failure to properly fill the pipe may cause it to burn hot and bitter, causing “tongue bite,” a stinging sensation on the top of the tongue.
The Pipe is Being Lit
Use a pipe lighter or a wooden match to light the pipe; petrol lighters may produce unpleasant odours and tastes. To begin, try to char the top of the tobacco to catch the flame. The “charring flame,” as it’s known, should be used to ignite the tobacco while avoiding scorching the cup. Apply the second flame after tamping down the charred tobacco, puffing softly as you light the tobacco.
Moisture and re-lighting
If left unattended, tobacco can naturally decompose. If this happens, simply relight the pipe. If you hear or taste moisture in the pipe, run a pipe cleaner down the flue, tamp down the tobacco, and relight it if possible.
Maintenance and Cleaning
A well-maintained pipe can last for years and even improve with age. To ensure that this occurs, you must perform routine maintenance. Wait until the pipe has cooled before refilling it. Many smokers prefer two pipes because it gives them more time to cool down. When cleaning the pipe, start by holding it by the bowl and tipping the ash out, then running a pipe cleaner through the stem to remove moisture. If you bang the pipe against a wall or a foot, the bowl will be damaged.