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Red is a strong, physical colour that is often associated with trust and strength. It’s also the colour of most brick houses, so it’d look right at home in a typical neighbourhood. Blue colours are calming and elicit a feeling of confidence. When asked what comes to mind when they think of the colour blue, many people would respond with words like transparency, calmness, and dreaming. How many times have you had a flash of insight while gazing at a bright blue sky?Do you want to learn more? Visit Depend Exteriors-Stucco Contractors

Yellow is a vibrant, outgoing colour. While the wrong shade can make your home appear to be your dog’s favourite place to relieve itself, the right shade will brighten anyone’s day and make your home stand out in a positive way. Greens are very natural colours, thanks in part to the presence of plants. A richer, darker green isn’t all that unusual, and it looks great when separating a structure from its surroundings. A green colour, on the other hand, can blend in well with surrounding foliage and shrubbery, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore (green) thumb.

Brightness may be a factor in all of the colours mentioned above. If Reds and Greens tend to be on the dark side of the scale, Blues and Yellows tend to be on the lighter side.

Light colours capture light more effectively, brightening a room and instilling a sense of alertness and confidence. Because of the added detail and transparency from the reflected light, lighter colours make objects look farther away. On a bright day, shadows from surrounding objects and trees are intensified.

Darker colours are more vibrant and represent less light, making them appear less detailed. They appear more “private” at night, but in communities with brighter-coloured siding, they can appear as a dark spot during the day.