Sparks Megawash Laundromat Association – Role in Long-Term Care

With the retirement and eventual ageing of the baby boomer generation, the long-term care sector is seeing the start of a boom that may last decades. This is great news for devoted long-term and elder care employees, but it does offer some challenges for facility administrators who must plan for and account for future expansion. One area where they must exercise special caution is in selecting washing services.Learn more about us at Sparks Megawash Laundromat Association

Client Attitudes

Although there are numerous elements of care that patients and their families will consider when deciding on long-term care choices (and whether or not to remain with the option they choose), one of the most apparent is the quality and cleanliness of the facility’s linens, towels, and clothing. Clients think that providing fresh, clean, and new bedding to each patient is a straightforward task, therefore long-term institutions are obligated to live up to that expectation, even if it is not always the case.

The Pitfalls of Doing Your Own Laundry

Some institutions choose to handle all of their laundry requirements in-house, using an on-site laundry facility. However, when you include in residents’ personal belongings and personal laundry requirements to your facility’s total linen need, maintaining an in-house laundry centre becomes challenging. If you aren’t properly prepared, the amount of labour and machine availability required for both personal goods and general linen needs may be daunting.

Using the Services of a Laundry Service

Hiring a laundry service may make the life of a long-term care home management a lot simpler. True, if patients’ personal clothes and things are cleaned and cared for on-site, you’ll still need equipment and personnel, but bedding, towels, gowns, uniforms, and other linens may be handled by professionals outside of your facility. No matter the size of your institution or the volume of your linen supply, professional healthcare laundry services are well prepared to clean and preserve it.