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Do you suffer from recurring leg pain that is caused by overuse or injury? The answer is yes. I used to have problems with my lower back, but once I found leg pain relief I never had it again. Here are some common reasons why you may have leg pain:Learn more by visiting Pulse Vascular – Vineland Leg Pain

Common causes of leg pain: Achilles inflammation. Inflammation of the tendon usually results in pain. If there is a direct blow to the backside, the tissue around the tendon can get inflamed, resulting in a shooting pain down one leg. ACL injury (stripping of the anterior cruciate ligaments in your back) and plantar fasciitis can also result in a shooting pain down one leg. Any injury to the muscles and tissues in your legs can cause this type of pain, so if you have been in an accident, your doctor may have told you to rest your foot for a while and try to limit any further damage to the tissues by icing it, resting it or using support braces.

Other causes of leg pain: peripheral artery disease, which causes the arteries that supply your legs with oxygen to become narrow or blocked. This can result in a drop in calcium levels in your body and a rapid onset of muscle weakness. Arteriovenous malformations can be congenital (physical birth defect), genetic or acquired, and caused by abnormal growth of the heart, lung, kidneys or fingers and toes. Peripheral artery disease often occurs when a child is born prematurely and remains in the uterus until birth, where it’s likely to remain constipated for a period of time. Infections in the intestines, vagina or mouth can cause peripheral artery disease, as well.