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Plantation shutters are the most popular type of window covering as well as the most traditional way of adding privacy to your home. A plantation shutter is actually a sturdy and secure window covering typically consisting of a wooden frame with horizontal and vertical rails. Plantation shutters are best suited for older properties and can even add value to your home if properly maintained. Plantation shutters are often the first choice of professional interior designers and are available in a range of styles depending on your preference. Shutters may be fixed or semi-permanently mounted and depending on the type of shutter chosen, may also have locking mechanisms, remote control controls and/or concealed pulleys and tie-downs.Learn more by visiting  Plantation Shutters Hastings

If your property has large, old, dirty windows, then plantation shutters are a good choice to protect your investment and keep your windows well insulated and clean as well. Older windows can also be more susceptible to mold, mildew and termite infestation than newer ones, so it is advisable to buy genuine, certified products which are designed to resist these and other environmental threats. The cost of installing plantation shutters over windows will depend on the material used and the number of windows. For large windows, such as those found in office buildings and warehouses, the installation costs can easily mount up to hundreds of pounds per window. For this reason, they are often purchased by real estate developers as a package solution to keep buildings looking neat, tidy and modern.

If you are looking for a low maintenance window treatment solution, then plantation shutters are definitely the answer as they require little or no maintenance after they have been installed. Cleaning them every few years is all that is required. You can help to reduce your energy bills by adjusting the shutters for the optimum temperature and to regulate the amount of sunlight that passes through. As long as they are installed properly, you can enjoy all these benefits for many years.

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