Personal Injury Attorneys-A Review

Personal injury lawyers have a poor reputation in our society, it’s no secret. We’ve all heard the cliches and jokes about “ambulance chasing” attorneys: that we exploit vulnerable individuals for personal gain, that we chase ambulances in search of our next paycheck, and that we’ll do anything dirty or underhanded to get paid. If you’re looking for more tips, Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz Personal Injury Attorneys has it for you.

Not only are these caricatures incorrect, but they also harm our judicial system. People should turn to the judicial system when they are in need. And, to be honest, the vast majority of injury lawyers assist their clients in obtaining the money they are entitled to. Accident lawyers help people who have been wounded in a car accident, a personal injury, or by a defective product every day.

So, where do these unfavourable stereotypes originate? They mostly come from the popular press, which is heavily influenced by the insurance industry’s tort reform agenda. Lawyers are frequently depicted in the worst light possible in TV shows, the news, and movies: greedy and vengeful. In “The Rainmaker,” Danny DeVito’s character is a great example. He is an inept and unethical lawyer who routinely visits patients in hospitals to drum up business.

Furthermore, the bad stereotypes are based on legal ads. Many of these advertisements give the impression that attorneys are greedy for money, and that they persuade individuals that they need an attorney to recover millions of dollars in even the most minor injury accidents. Also, it appears that the clients are appraised solely on the basis of their settlement amount, rather than as individuals. These money-hungry lawyers, however, are in the minority. The majority of personal injury lawyers do not regard their clients like dinner tickets.

Injury lawyers not only assist their clients in their time of need, but they also ensure that people live in a safe environment. Negligent businesses and individuals are aware that they may be held liable for civil damages if they fail to act responsibly and safely. Personal injury lawyers are also in charge of making sure that local, state, and federal safety laws and regulations are in place to safeguard the general public. These rules were enacted in reaction to harmful irresponsible behaviour and are intended to keep people healthy and safe when they use things that are designed and produced to be safe.