Leather Jacket Storage, Cleaning, and Conditioning

Leather jackets are rather simple to keep clean. A good leather jacket should last you for many years if properly cared for. I’ve heard of them lasting for up to 20 years! Although this may be the exception, a leather jacket should last a very long period if properly cared for. With proper care, whether you have a leather dress jacket, a leather sports jacket, or a leather motorcycle jacket, it will last much longer.
Plastic should never be used to store or wrap a leather jacket. To maintain its “freshness,” leather requires air movement. It should be stored in a cold, dry location. During the warmer winter months, your garage, attic, or shed are not the best places to keep your jacket. click for more info

Once every few months or so, a leather jacket should be cleaned. To clean the leather, use a moist towel and a light soap to rub it all over the surface. It is not necessary to rub it vigorously. Wipe it dry using a cloth. Place it on a hanger to dry thoroughly. Take the jacket to a professional dry cleaner who specialises in leather cleaning if you acquire a spot or stain on it that won’t come out.
Conditioning your leather jacket is probably the most crucial aspect of caring for it. Once or twice a year, this should be done. Conditioning the leather keeps it supple and prevents cracking and splitting. Conditioners are available almost anywhere that sells leather items.