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In Synco Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Mark Masti seems to take a much different approach to treating various diseases and illnesses with naturopathic principles and techniques. I have always been a big fan of naturopathy (natural healing) and feel that it is an ideal way for the general public (patient and physician) to receive proper medical attention and healing. It is also important that modern naturopathic doctors remain up to date and well versed with current information and research about health and wellness. (I think we can all remember when there was a panic attack cure that seemed to magically appear and work for everyone.)Do you want to learn more? Visit Insynco Naturopathic-Best Naturopath Toronto

However, with Insynco Naturopathic Medicine there seems to be a new trend that seems to be emerging. Although, it is only in the very beginning stages, the information that I have read seems to indicate that Insynco is working to differentiate their treatment plans and programs from that of traditional modern medicine. Also, they seem to be making a conscious effort to make their philosophy more “natural” and less “clinical”. This is not to say that conventional medicine is not still needed in providing the best overall health and wellness care. In Synco Naturopathic Medicine they are making it clear that they do not want to abandon modern naturopathic practice and incorporate alternative health and remedies.

However, they are definitely making a bold move in changing the focus of their practice to a more holistic naturopathic care. Although, there are still some kinks to be worked out including training for the physicians and other management tools but this is definitely a step in the right direction. In Synco Naturopathic Medicine the best approach appears to be one that is consistent between both modern medicine and naturopathic medicine – keeping the practice simple, pure, and focused on providing the best overall health and wellness care.