Important Things You Should Know About Asbestos


In a week, approximately 20 people die from asbestos related cases. Therefore, concerned people should take measures to prevent asbestos risks in non-domestic buildings. For the appropriate actions to be taken, it is paramount that asbestos survey kent is carried out to identify the risks and how to mitigate them. In fact, an asbestos risk management plan should be in place even with or without an identified risk. For your heads up, here are things you should already know about asbestos:


Awareness Is Important

Anybody working on the building should be provided with the asbestos survey and the management plan. This will keep everyone on high alert on any asbestos problems they come across. All issues should be communicated immediately so that action can be taken.

Do Not Hide The Results

It is a good thing to carry out the survey, but it is even a greater responsibility that you do not hide the results. There is a tendency among many organizations to sanction asbestos safety reviews, and if the results are on the negative, they never come to light.

It is your responsibility to share the report especially on where the problem is. Come up with a plan on how to deal with it and ensure the safety of everyone within the premises and the surroundings.

What Is To Be Done If Asbestos Is Disturbed?

You should act immediately to prevent any contamination, severe damage, and further exposure. What follows is activating the emergency procedure as detailed in the management plan in the event of such a situation. Any activity that could endanger lives should be stopped forthwith until everything is solved and safety is guaranteed.

Employers Are Also Responsible For Preventing Asbestos Exposure

asdasdsaEmployers are solely responsible for what happens to their employees at the place of work. For instance in Britain, supreme courts back in 2012 ruled that employers are liable for a penalty if employees get exposed to asbestos. This puts the responsibility of preventing such dangers to building owners and organizations housed in such premises. You should be on the forefront not only preventing but also being vocal on any instances of asbestos dangers because you may be legally guilty if any danger is to befall those within your building.

Demolition Should Not Be Conducted Based On A Management Report

A management report is not adequate to start the process of demolition or refurbishment. What you need is a safety analysis that would suggest the action to be taken. You could be panicking, and yet the safety of the building in question is nothing to be afraid of.