Hiring A Letting Agent In Leicester – Questions To Ask Them


Numerous letting agencies are looking for potential clients. This can certainly make the selection process complicated.Before that, here are some of the questions that could help you narrow down to the best agency.

Are you licensed?


When selecting the letting agent to hire the issue of registration or licensing should not be taken lightly. Having a license serves to ensure they are qualified to perform the task. Thus, in your selection process, it is imperative to inquire if the agent is licensed or registered. Also, ask for the body governing them.

How do you advertise?

One of the key reasons for hiring a letting agent is to have your property rented. Thus, it is key you know how this person will advertise your property to make your dream a reality. Besides, let them state the techniques they intend to use. If you are convinced that he or she is using good advertising strategies, you can consider such a person in your list of options.

How long have you been in this industry?

When hiring an agent, ask them about their working experience. A good letting agent should have a few years of experience in the area you have your property. This will give you an assurance that the agent can handle any issue and devise measures to minimize tenancy problems.

How often do you carryout an inspection?

azdsaSaSasdA good letting agency should conduct at least three inspections per year. He should document the necessary findings and give you a written report on the current state of your property. Furthermore, they should question tenants who are mishandling property and charge them for any destruction of property. At times, it would also be good to give impromptu inspections. If the agent can deliver this, you may go ahead and consider him or her for the task.

How long do you take to process payments?

Ask them about how long it takes to process your payments. Ideally, after the lapse of the rent collection period, it should take them a maximum of two days before the amounts land into your account. More to this, they should also give you a breakdown of the payments.