Glass dry erase board – A Summary

If you are looking for a unique and elegant way to get your message across, consider a Glass Dry Erase Board. This unique board offers two different ways to create beautiful and memorable messages that last forever. The first way to use this type of board is as a written note pad. If you’re looking for more tips, Glass dry erase board near me has it for you. Simply write your message on one side and then write it out on the other side. This board has an elegant, smooth finish, so the message will be sharp and easy to read.

The second way to use your glass dry erase board is as a magnetic marker. Simply attach the magnetic marker to the board with the magnet under a magnetized section of the board. Then draw or erase the area with the marker. The high-gloss smooth surface of the marker takes very well to magnetic markers, and the magnetic board looks like it is floating on the floor. The board can also be attached to shelves or book stands without damaging the board.

For even more versatility…view your board in 3D! A popular option with many glass dry erase boards is to purchase glass that has been etched with multiple colors. You can even purchase individual cards so that you have a set of markers for every occasion…a hobby, career, sports, religious faith, etc. These specialty boards offer many options when it comes to design and function.