Details on Warwick Mobile Home Community

To be able to take advantage of these opportunities, the buyer has to sharpen the weapons in his arsenal. The first of these weapons is his knowledge of the industry. The mobile home park business is extremely complicated. There are over 30 different items that much be checked and confirmed during due diligence, and some of these can cause you to lose your entire investment. In addition, having the knowledge to build a sample budget in line with industry standard cost ratios is essential to success. And once a good deal has been bought, the buyer must know the strategies to successfully manage the property and maximize its profitability. To prepare these skills, there are complete courses on mobile home park diligence and management available, which are essential for the novice and even experienced investor who is crossing over from another asset type. If you’re looking for more tips, Warwick Mobile Home Community – Newport News mobile homes for rent has it for you.

The buyer must also have the capital necessary to make the down payment on a deal, and afford the additional capital expenditures necessary to put the park in good working order. The time to line up this capital is before you begin your search for parks, not after you have found one. Normally, parks are sold with a 30 day due diligence and a 30 day financing period – so there is really no time to raise capital after the property has been tied up. Capital can be obtained from your own liquidity, or family members or financial partners. Knowing the maximum amount of capital available to you will help shape the size of deals you will pursue.

Having a lender who knows and trusts you is another essential ingredient. Often, particularly on deals which have a blemish which you will resolve upon purchase, having the trust of your banker is essential to getting the loan. Another way to achieve a head start in banking is to consult with a loan broker who has access to all of the current lenders on mobile home parks. It is always a good idea to have current financial statements on hand, and a resume on real estate experience.