Concrete Cleaning Companies’ Sales

If you own a pressure washing company that specialises in flat work and concrete cleaning contracts, you can target property management companies and facilities and maintenance directors for large corporate outlets and businesses. If you’re looking for more tips, St Charles Concrete Raising Association has it for you.

When offering concrete washing services, it is critical to listen to the customer and determine their true needs; it is even better if you can walk the property with them before making your offer. Concrete cleaning competitors also attempt to bid jobs over the phone without either walking the property with the property management company or obtaining a list of properties so that they can walk the properties themselves.

When selling concrete cleaning contracts, it’s critical that the customer knows that you’ll show up when the businesses are closed, that you’ll do so professionally, and that you’ll make sure no one slips or falls on the land.

You’ll also need business insurance to cover this, with a liability limit of up to $1 million and the right to insure the property management company as well as the property owners.