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Regardless, closer inspection revealed that this jar was packed of dirt – and metal particles. This jar of floor sweepings had been in the excellent doctor’s office for decades, he said. In fact, it dated back to when the refiners still provided dentistry clinics with floor mats! These were the sweepings that the mats had failed to capture. The jar weighed around four pounds, and it was impossible to determine if there was anything worth fiddling with just by looking at it. I told him I’d be happy to take it to my refiner for analysis. Nothing was discussed about refining expenses, percentage of recovery, or any other part of returning the valuables to him because I had won his trust.Do you want to learn more? Visit Gannon & Scott Inc – Precious Metals Recovery

“Take it and tell me how much it’s worth, take your fair portion, and bring me the money the next time you’re in the region,” says the narrator. When I returned to Utah, I simply put it on a shelf for a few weeks before doing anything with it. I figured it had some metals, principally silver, and wasn’t worth much, so there was no rush! I finally took it to my refiner and requested that he melt it and perform an assay on it. Dirt received 40% of the vote, whereas metals received 60%. Silver and gold were the metals used. The gold was nearly 18K (75 percent pure gold), and the container yielded nearly a pound of gold!

For spending little more than twenty minutes in his office earning his trust, I made a profit of $1,327 (not including the other scrap I’d already purchased from him). He was ecstatic to collect a few thousand dollars for a jar of DIRT on a shelf. However, throughout my recycling education, I learned lessons three and four: You’ll find them in the ‘deals’ section. They will not come to you if you are not out there.