Important Element for The Different Methods of Acting

Your coach is a mentor and counsellor who will help you choose the best professional route for you. He or she will assist you in achieving greatness and remaining devoted to and enthusiastic about your craft. Your coach is also a supporter who is always rooting for you to achieve success in your chosen acting career. discover more here

Because there may be multiple acting instructors available, knowing how to find the best acting coach for you is beneficial. Choosing the appropriate coach is just as important as starting your acting career. Your coach will be able to distinguish between success and failure.

Brian Raise is a native with 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Brian had a ten-year acting career in which he appeared in everything from movies to episodic television to soap operas and sitcoms. Brian received acting instruction from some of the top professors on both coasts. Brian trained with Uta Hagen, Sandy Dennis, Bill Hickey, Lee Strasberg, and Michael Shurtleff after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena. Following that, Brian began his teaching career by working for Michael Shurtleff, where he taught scene study and cold reading. He has been a teacher for the past 24 years. In Los Angeles, Brian has also produced and directed theatre and television. Brian’s genuine passion and interests are in assisting performers in better understanding the business of acting and booking jobs in order to have a successful career.

What does the word “drama” conjure up for you? Does it conjure up images of a tense event that keeps you on the edge of your seat? You’d be correct because the word derives from the Greek word for ‘activity.’ Drama can also refer to a moving human storey that grabs your attention and stirs your emotions.