Bathe Safely With a Walk In Bath Installation

Bathing is a potentially risky activity for those with restricted mobility. As individuals become older, they are more likely to have these problems. They may be caused by a variety of issues, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or a past injury. Replacing a standard bathtub with a walk-in tub is a terrific method to make bath time safer for the elderly.

What Are Walk-In Bathtubs and How Do They Work?

The biggest difference between a walk-in bathtub and a standard bathtub is the presence of a door on the bathtub’s wall. Rather of stepping over into the bathtub, the individual will open or push in a door and walk directly in while hanging on to a safety bar.You may find more information at Walk-in Tub Installation Greenville.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

The sort of tub door that a person may select is one of the most significant variances in walk-in bathtubs. The most frequent kind of door bought by homeowners is one that opens inward. To open the door, the individual pushes it open. It will have suitable seals and locking systems, but many people are relieved that the door will also be kept closed by water pressure.

In care centres and nursing homes, outward opening doors are increasingly common. They allow caretakers more room to bring the person into the bathtub. Because the lock is on the outside, these doors usually have stronger locking systems. They do have unique seals, but they may need a bit more effort to open.


A safety bench is standard in most walk-in baths. These are perfect for senior people who find it difficult to sit in the tub all the way to the bottom. For those who still like to shower, they are also useful. The bench is there for them to rest or regain their equilibrium, since this may be exhausting.

Bars of Safety

Without at least a safety bar, a proper walk-in tub is not installed. The optimal place for the bar is on the wall directly across from the entry. This will provide additional support when the user enters and exits the tub. By the bench is another nice spot for one of these bars. They should have gripping qualities that prevent them from sliding when wet.


Jet water streams are becoming increasingly common in walk-in baths. While bathing, these supplementary characteristics offer hydrotherapy for the person. They’re ideal for those who suffer muscular soreness in their lower back or legs. Most people will have to request them since they are not standard on most tubs and may cost a bit more.