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Employers who are unable to define a drug-free zone face a severe challenge as a result of prescription marijuana use by their employees. Surprisingly, when it comes to appropriate marijuana use, both the employer and the employee have only a few tight rules. The crux of the matter is that the federal government believes marijuana use is illegal. Nonetheless, several states have their own laws in place that allow people to use medically authorised marijuana. Employers are in a bind because of the federal government’s and states’ divergent viewpoints. It is past time for the Marijuana Policy Project to take notice of this challenge and issue a judgement on drug testing policies that is consistent with the law of the land. Marijuana use in the workplace might lead to serious consequences. As a result of the strict requirements of companies, many potential employees are unable to find a suitable work. Some firms have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on drug testing and conduct drug tests prior to employing new staff. The drug tests are so strict that even legal marijuana does not pass. Despite the Justice Department’s strict enforcement of the Controlled Substance Act and Congress’s negative perception of marijuana as a harmful narcotic, the drug is nonetheless legal in twenty-seven states. The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, on the other hand, states that any corporation that receives government contracts must restrict its employees from using legal marijuana. Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation has particular standards prohibiting legal marijuana addicts from working in positions such as driving public transportation, becoming pilots, or operating subways. Staff in states that have legalised medical marijuana are less concerned about being caught or penalised. Such cases should be brought before a court of law. With such situations in mind, employers overlook similar instances in states where marihauna is consumed under medical supervision. However, regardless of state legislation, the most important concern for every employer is to ensure the safety of its employees, customers, and the general publicHealth Fitness Articles. The first and most important thing an employer should consider is providing adequate therapy and informing those who use marijuana about the consequences and the indirect problem they create for other employees and customers. You may find more details about this at Alternative medicine practitioner