A Short Note on How to Cut Your Own Hair

Some people love to go to the salons to have their hair cut. Others like cutting and styling their own hair. The reasons some people choose to cut their own hair vary from simply finding salons a less enjoyable experience to wanting to save their money. This short guide should help you learn how to cut own hair and save money and time from going to the salon.
Cutting someone else’s hair is much easier than cutting your own hair. The easiest thing to do for yourself is to maintain and keep your own hair trimmed instead of trying anything fancy with your hair.Learn more about them at HOW TO CUT YOUR OWN HAIR.

If you are creative, and have the guts to make a big change, then you are the exception to the rule. Here are some things you will need for cutting your own hair and some basic instructions.
o Wet Hair – You will want your hair to be freshly shampooed and wet. Make sure you have no tangles and a good comb. You should keep a spray bottle with water in it close by to wet dry spots. Since wet hair dries shorter than you are cutting, you will want to be careful not to cut too much.
o Sharp Scissors – If you want a good cut, you need a good pair of sharp scissors that you can pick up from a beauty supply store. This will help you avoid pulling and damaging your hair while you are cutting.
o Section Your Hair – You will need hair clips to section your hair. You can get these when you get your quality hair cutting scissors at a beauty supply store. You will want to make at least four to six sections starting with a part in the middle and section off the sides, front and back.
o Once you have your hair sectioned, you will be able to take one clip out at a time and start cutting by choosing thin sections with your comb. Cut evenly and carefully.
o The back will be the hardest to cut, but you can bring it to the front a little if it is longer and just decide how much to cut and make it even on both sides. If you need to, a couple of carefully placed mirrors (front and back) will help you to see where and how much you are cutting.