A guide to changing the look of your bathroom


We all wake up in the morning and rush to the bathroom, and then we also like to take a nice long warm bath after a hard day at the office. What will make your time in this frequently used room better is a few upgrades and changes that will make it more inviting and relaxing. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider. Remember that these are just a few and there are many other things that can make it look better depending on the space you have and the style that you prefer.

The shower


Who doesn;t like a hot shower to wash away all the stress that you accumulated throughout the day. There are many shower fitting that can make this experience better. You can get a Shower tower that will have water jets from the side as well as the top. Many will have a rainfall shower and also a handheld one. You can get this and an enclosure so that the water does not spray everywhere in your bathroom.


Fixture and fitting

Make sure they all match and are the same color. Your toilet, sink and bath tub must be of the same design and compliment each other. However, there are times you can mix and match, but it is only if you have an eye of an artist.


Consider placing a couple of flower or green plants in the bathroom. They will make that area more appealing and give it an elegant look. Ensure the plants you use can survive in this environment and will release oxygen into the air. This will make the bathroom fresher too.


With LED’s the possibility of creating beautiful lighting designs are endless. Use colors that will help you relax like green or blue so that you can change them depending on how you feel. Make sure that you also have a dimmer in case you want to relax in your bathtub for an hour.

Scented candles

ujyhtgThis is a nice touch to any bathroom. You can have a candle lit when you are taking a bath or shower, and this will make the bathroom smell nice and give it a beautiful look the candle will give the bathroom.

Make a few changes, and your bathroom will be a much better place that you like to spend more time at, but always make sure you don’t take too long as others will also need to use it.